Thursday, October 13, 2011


What can I  say about a Broker YOU have been dealing with since mid 80's! Well, let me tell YOU, this Broker. How many marriages did he have.....mmmmmm I know of 3 at least.....Maybe WHY he sucked my accounts practically dry over the years.......Made excuses for everything.....Kept telling me.....Gloria ,, I'm watching your accounts as if you were my Sister.....WHAT A JOKE! Made commission on a Life Insurance policy....$14,000.00 .....Lied about puting my accounts on margin.......Put me in risky stocks. My automatic bills that were set up were not getting paid. Received a letter from an Attorney in Maryland that my account was in default (delinquent) for a whole year of payments. JMS had checked off documents to falsify my investment objectives. He NEVER got my written approval of all the transactions he did with my accounts. 

Jeff was the 1 who called me to ask me to go with him to each new brokerage firms he went to after he would leave 1. He was Best Friends with Rick Mittelberg my Accountant and Trustee of 1 of my Trusts. Even Rick told me he would "NEVER" use Jeff as a Stock Broker. 

HOW can 1 TRUST a BROKER who signs an affidavit that what YOU reported to The Florida Bar about the Stock Broker Mediation was  a LIE! HE LIED!

JEFF has since had FINRA reports against him after my Mediation case. YET FINRA does NOTHING!

IF Jeff is your Broker at CITIGROUP GLOBAL MARKETS INC.(7059). 

Affidavit of Jeff Brook

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